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SPI Lasers fördubblar uteffekten på sina fiberlasrar
2008-08-12 09:59

SPI Lasers 400 Watt fiberlaser
SPI Lasers fördubblar den maximala
uteffekten på sina CW/modulerade
fiberlasrar. De vattenkylda från 200
till 400 Watt och de luftkylda från 100
till 200 Watt.

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and
manufacturer of fiber lasers, has
announced that its latest products will
double in power and control capability,
enabling customers to cut and weld
materials with faster process times and
with more advanced control options than
ever before. SPI has increased its
air-cooled lasers from 100 to 200W power
and water cooled from 200 to 400W power,
whilst also creating unique laser
control functions offering direct
application benefits across a wide range
of laser machining applications.

New features on the R4 laser platform
include XPR (Extended Performance Range)
and PSE (Pulse Shape Equalization).
These new features build upon SPI’s
traditional market leading performance
in CW laser stability and superior
modulation rate (CW to 100 kHz). XPR
allows a high power laser to be switched
to operate at average powers down to <1%
of the maximum rated output power, a
factor of ten improvement over SPI’s
closest competitors. The PSE feature
overcomes the traditional laser problem
of first pulse over or under-shoot. PSE
ensures the first pulse is as useable as
the any other in the pulse train.

SPI’s trials in their US applications
laboratory and also at advance customer
sites indicate significant process
improvements in a number of key cutting,
welding and engraving laser
applications. The SPI design team set
out to enable their
global customer base to achieve lower
TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and a
faster return on investment, something
that manufacturing industry strives for
in all sectors.

For more information about the new
lasers please visit the websites:

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Visa utskriftsversionPatrick Brandelind, BFIOPTILAS

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